Our Promise

Many service companies provide less than optimal products and services.  Below is our commitment and promise to our customers. 

Our Promise

Let us hep you take it back from these nuisance pests and mosquitos.

We at Dallas Mosquitoes and the HBR family believe in building a customer for life. Our business has been treating mosquitoes for years. We practice high technological innovation but run our business the right way by performing excellent work at a fair price.  We treat our customers the way all businesses should with the care and respect to ensure the absolute best customer experience.

Let our certified technicians  put together a custom Integrated Pest Management Plan to alleviate you from nuisance mosquitos or treat all other types of insects you may encounter when enjoying your outdoor areas such as fleas, mayflies, June bugs, ticks, and no see ums. 

Here are some reasons to let us become your pest control company of choice.

We offer no contracts guarantee.  You don’t like our service we will do your best to fix it.  If you want to stop service for any reason...no worries just give us a quick call and you are all set.  We want to work with our customers to provide an excellent experience and do business the way it used to be done.  We want our customers to sing our praises not wonder how they will pay for their next contracted treatment or stew from poor results. 

We offer full mosquito protection plans from physical mosquito screens to chemicals solutions both natural and organic that arrest the mosquito lifecycle killing the nymphs and eggs as well as adulticides that target the mosquitos that bite.  We offer whole yard misting systems that will treat for all insects as well as mosquitoes. Our goal is to ensure we deliver the results you expect.  

We offer pet friendly and fish friendly solutions (most insecticides are not good for fish).

We will provide all work in writing up front and guaranteed.

We finance larger projects like screens and misting systems!

 We are a small locally owned business that is owner operated ( Owners grew up in Lake highlands) and pay our associates a living wage by not investing in flashy cars or marketing or paying out investors sending money outside the community.

We do our best to answer the phone with a person when you call.  Yes, No dialers or buttons to push just human voices there to field your questions. 

We want you to get to know your technician.  Like the rest of our family our technicians do our sales so no switch around like many other larger companies.  Sometimes we sub out if but this is not the norm.  We want our customers to be able to talk to us and want you to talk to us so we can help remediate any and all problems and answer any questions or concerns. 

What can our customers do to help!  

We compete against much larger organizations with vastly larger budgets.  Please leave us positive google reviews, yelp reviews, Facebook reviews, and refer our business.  A one time 10% discount will apply to all pest control treatments (excluding Misting and Screening systems) for customers who leave us a positive review on social media.