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Mosquitos are the #1 vector for pest-related illness globally with over 700 million contracting mosquito-born illnesses and over 1 million deaths. They are considered the world's deadliest animal.

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Hello and welcome to Dallas Mosquitoes serving the greater Dallas Fort Worth Area.

We are a local premiere mosquito service.

    • Mosquitoes bothering you?
    • Can’t go outside without swatting or hearing that hum of wings?

    Let us help you solve the problem. Want to take your back yard back and enjoy those cooler Texas evenings? Got some patio furniture you want to try out but can’t due to the mosquites! Call Dallas Mosquito Now. We will help you with your entire yard and spend the time with you making the mosquitos go away!

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Dallas Mosquitoes

Let us help you solve the problem.

Mosquitos are quite a nuisance here in Dallas. Due to the wet hot weather we are the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos. Did you know most Texas mosquito species are imported?

Yup, brought to your back door from around the world. Most mosquito species we see they started somewhere else and because we have such ideal weather (not too hot not too cold) and lots of rain full creeks and standing water DFW is just a hotbed for mosquito breeding

  • Mosquitoes carry diseases
  • Dog Heartworm (does not affect humans)
  • Zika virus - a mosquito-borne flavivirus
  • Chikungunya
  • Dengue Fever
  • West Nile Virus
  • Yellow Fever
  • flu type symptoms
  • Malaria

Let us hep you take it back from these nuisance pests and mosquitos. We not only can put together a custom Integrated Pest Management Plan to alleviate you from nuisance mosquitos but treat all other types of insects you may encounter when enjoying your outdoor areas such as fleas, mayflies, June bugs, ticks, and much more. Our business has been treating mosquitos for years. Let us become your pest control company of choice.

We want to work with our customers to provide an excellent experience and do business the way it used to be done. We want our customers to sing our praises not wonder how they will pay for their next contracted treatment.

Misting Systems

Dallas Mosquito offers full mosquito protection from physical mosquito screens to chemicals both natural and organic that arrest the mosquito lifecycle killing the nymphs and eggs as well as adulticides that target the mosquitos that bite. We offer whole yard misting systems that will treat for all insects as well as mosquitoes.

We offer pet friendly and fish friendly solutions (most insecticides are not good for fish).

We will provide all work in writing up front and guaranteed.

We finance!

Get to know your technician. Like the rest of our family our technicians do our sales so no swich around like many other larger companies. You can work with him to build a relationship to more customize your pest and mosquito solution and answer any questions or concerns.


The Infamous Dallas / Fort Worth mosquito.

mosquito bite
We offer no contracts guarantee. - You don’t like our service we will do your best to fix it. If you want to stop service no worries just a quick call to the office and you are all set.

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