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Hello and welcome to mosquito Dallas serving the greater Dallas Fort Worth Area.  We are a local premiere mosquito service.  Mosquitos bothering you?  Can’t go outside without swatting or hearing that hum of wings?  Let us help you solve the problem.  Want to take your back yard back and enjoy those cooler Texas evenings?  Got some patio furniture you want to try out but can’t due to the mosquitoes! Call Dallas Mosquito Now.  We will help you with your entire yard and spend the time with you making the mosquitos go away!

About Us

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Dallas Mosquito is a full-service and state-licensed pes tand wildlife company specializing in small animal and mosquito prevention, removal, and management plans. We have over 30 years of experience in the DFW area treating insects including Mosquito control and mosquito management plans.  Our goal is to rid you of mosquitos and prevent mosquitos from your property. Work with us to develop a multiphase plan to prevent mosquitos, deter mosquitos and other pests and regain control of your outdoor space.

Thank you to our Customers

Thank you for choosing Dallas Mosquitoes.  We are a fully insured and licensed pest control company in the state of Texas serving the greater DFW area. We are a small owner-operated business leveraging innovative and modern technology with the customer feel of a family-run small business.  We take an ethical approach to our customers and the environment.  We provide a living wage to all our associates often 2-3X industry and most of us have been lifelong friends.  Our small local business keeps money in the community and supports other local businesses like the Dallas Arboretum where you will see us for Bug week (mosquitoes) and Pollinator week (Honeybees).

We take our pollinators very seriously and take a great effort to ensure we do not harm them.  (learn more here thebeerescue.com)

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