Best Way To Control Mosquitoes

Wearing protective gear and chemicals such as Deet and Geranium oil or Pyrethrum are all great ways to prevent from being bit. 

Best Way To Control Mosquitoes

Mosquito sprays and mosquito chemical control!

This is the #1 preventative control for mosquitos and the prevention of mosquito born disease.  Wear bug spray!

Wear bug spray when outside in known heavy mosquito areas for any amount of time.  All it takes is one bite and you could be infected.  Mosquito sprays and bug sprays heavy in Deet and other chemicals sold under the common brands such as OFF and Cutter. The higher the deet concentration typically the better it works to deter mosquitos.  Natural essential oil sprays can also be used to deter mosquitos.  These bug repellants come in creams and sprays with cream being significantly more effective at long term deterrent.  Remember to spray not just exposed skin but clothes and areas where skin may be exposed in high body heat areas such as faces necklines.

Deet masks you from mosquitoes which may not be enough and does very little to prevent ticks.  A combination of Pyrethrum (derived from geraniums) applied to outside clothing shoes and socks with Deet on the hair face and exposed skin is a very effective treatment.  Natural oils such as geranium oil rosemary oil or thyme oil may have affects on some people’s skin and should be tested on small non sensitive areas like the top of the hand first.