Mosquito Questions Mosquito Faqs

Listed are some of our top questions customers ask us about Mosquitoes and Mosquito Treatments we have fielded over the years.

Mosquito Questions Mosquito Faqs

Does wind and Smoke deter mosquitos?

The answer is yes.  Mosquitos do not like wind and have trouble fluing in windy areas oscillating fans with insecticide misters are a great way to reduce and control mosquitos in areas.  Smoke also works as a mosquito deterrent such as the essential oils in plants such as Cedar and certain woods not only hides humans but can coat us in natural insect repellent. So, sit closer to that fan and camp fire to prevent insects and mosquitos.

 Q: What causes a mosquito bite to swell? Mosquito bite swelling more than normal? 

A:  Mosquito bites swell.  Some people more than others.  The reason mosquito bites swell is due to a few different factors.  Mosquitos use their sharp probiscus which is their mouth piece to act as a needle and inject their saliva into a person’s skin (this is how most mosquito born illness is spread).  The saliva contains a mixture of anticoagulants which allow the blood around the area to flow more easily.  When the saliva hits our immune system histamine is released which causes the itching and swelling and depends on the person and how reactive they are to the saliva and the histamine (plays on nerve cells) for the reaction. 

How dangerous are mosquitos to my health?

Mosquitos carry a large amount of disease and are the most lethal insect in the world because of the diseases they carry.  The US has numerous controls as well as effective medical system for treating infected individuals which aid to the spread of the diseases. Essentially a mosquito will bite one person and infect another through bite.  Be careful as Texas has had a Zika as well as West Nile outbreak.  Read the CDC website for symptoms as well as educate yourself when it is mosquito season.

How do I know if I have contracted a disease from Mosquitos?

Mosquito disease such as malaria can lay dormant in ones system for years and may be very difficult to detect.  It is probably best to get tested if you feel that you may have contracted an illness from mosquitos.  Medical professionals are always the best when it comes to diagnosing mosquito born illness.

What is the most common mosquito born illnesses in Texas?

Zika West Nile and Dengue fever are the most common in Texas.  Most cases in Texas are from travelers retiring or visiting Texas and most of these do not transfer from human to human but are from infected mosquitos.  That being said mosquitos acquire the illness in their gestational phases and can infect adults.  Some people may be Asymptomatic (show no signs of mosquito illness) more than the bite but others may become sick or hospitalized.  Unfortunately, there are no vaccines for most mosquito illnesses rather there are antibiotics and treatments for the symptoms of the disease.

Can a Mosquito bite more than one person?

Sure can, A female Mosquito can and will bite multiple individuals that will lead to the transmission of diseases

What Attracts Mosquitos?

Mosquitos are an evolutionary feat.  They thrive in moist warm humid subtropic to tropic environments.  Texas has become one of the biggest mosquito incubators in the US due to our predominantly warm seasons and humid wet lands (East Texas).  Mosquitos are attracted to our heat and respiration they follow our warmth and CO2 (breath) to the highest concentrations to find their victums.  There are many masking agents such as mosquito spray and thermal traps that will hide and deter mosquitos from humans.

Do mosquito attractants such as CO2 and heat generators work?

The simple answer is YES! Not only are these eco-friendly solutions they come in an array of apparatus which can be as easily deployed as the click of a button on a remote or phone ap or turned on with switch and carried as a personal mosquito device.

Mosquitos are attracted to heat and CO2 which is why humans seem to be their favorite diet when you are enjoying the outdoors in the evening.  Mosquito traps are an effective way to attract mosquitos to a perceptively more appetizing meal only to meet their untimely demise.  Some mosquito traps use pheromone and chemical attractants but the more reliable CO2 and heat traps from our experience work the best.  We offer multiple solutions for all sizes and areas.  These eco friendly bee friendly solutions are great at combating adult mosquitos. 

Do mosquito misting systems and fogger treatments work?

Chemical treatments such as those deployed in a timed-release mosquito misting system or as a scheduled treatment are the most common ways to prevent mosquitos.  Unfortunately, these are typically temporary and broadcast many harmful insecticides that may be damaging to animals and other more beneficial insects such as bees.  Do they work yes but they typically do not last as most commercial insecticides are made to break down over time.  Mosquito fogging or mosquito sprays are a good part of a mosquito strategy but are far from the only treatment and areas such as fish/water runoff, beneficial insects and animals need to be carefully considered when deploying commercial grade insecticides for mosquitos.

Do male mosquitos bite?  Is it true only female mosquitoes bite you?

Male mosquitos do not bite.  They live a life co-habituating with mammals and enjoy sweet plant nectar as their diet.  They do not even have the appropriate mouthpieces for feeding on animals.  Female mosquitos on the other hand are the ones that give the nasty bite.  Although they can and do consume nectar, they require large amounts of protein in the form of blood to produce eggs.  Female mosquitos have specifically designed proboscis mouth parts for the sucking of blood that resemble a hypodermic needle.  They inject a slurry of anticoagulants bacteria and sometimes viruses into their hosts to rapidly withdraw the needed blood.  But they also feed on plant nectar too. 

How long do Mosquitos live?  How many eggs can a mosquito lay? 

 The female mosquito lives approximately 42-62 days wile male mosquitoes live only for 10 days with only one purpose.  Female mosquitoes can lay clutches of 100-200 eggs.

What is the noise I hear from a mosquito? I hate the mosquito noise!

I think everyone is familiar with the annoying sound a mosquito makes as it approaches.  Laying in bed wrapped in blankets I can personally say it has created anxiety over getting bit by a mosquito.  But what makes that noise?  I have yet to meet a person that when you speak of mosquitos and their noise doesn’t reply with an “eeeeeee.” The truth is the noise directly corresponds to the flapping of a mosquito’s wings.  A mosquito flaps its wings over 700 times per second.  Imaging being the scientist that counted that!  Also, male and female mosquitos make different hums due to their wings and the rate in which they flap.  Some mosquitos also do not make an audible warning sound.

Do mosquito nets work?

Yes, one the most effective controls in third world countries is mosquito nets. Although not commonly used in homes they can provide a quick reliable shelter for keeping mosquitos out.  Technology such as window screens and mosquito curtains are great at allowing the feeling of outdoors and preventing mosquitos from coming into areas such as patios or homes.

Why do I get bit by mosquitos more than other people?

It is true certain people are more appetizing to mosquitoes.  It has been found that people with Type O blood tend to draw more mosquitos.  Also, people with certain pheromones tend to attract more mosquitos.  Blood vasodilation as well as CO2 output will also influence how appetizing a person is to mosquitos.  More heat and more CO2 make for an attractive target.  Those who do have type O blood wrapping up with long sleeves and pants will reduce the overall footprint of attackable area and thus reduce the number of bites. Long clothing should be combined with other mosquito prevention and deterrent controls.

Does Diet influence mosquitos’ willingness to bite?  Does garlic prevent mosquitos?

Diet does prevent mosquitos.  Meals such as Indian cuisine heavy in herbs and spices have a deterrent effect on mosquitos.  Historians speculate that some of our more tropical cultures consume certain spices as a natural societal mechanism to deter insects such as mosquitos.

Like the mythical vampire Garlic too is Toxic to mosquitos and heavy consumption can dampen the appeal to would be victims of mosquitos especially when the oils are expressed from skin and breath.  So, eat your garlic bread!

What are some other factors to consider when deciding on a Mosquito treatment?

A broad approach is best when dealing with mosquitos.  Larvicide with adulticide targeting both the nymph and adult mosquitos are key parts to Integrated Pest Management.  Prevention such as physical controls and biological controls also work best.  Remove standing water and leaf clutter.  Also plant natural mosquito deterrent plants such as those high in essential oils such as pine, rosemary, eucalyptus, geraniums, and lavender.

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