Mosquito Services

Dallas Mosquito is dedicated to offering the absolute best mosquito solutions and services to our customers.  Our technician will create an Integrated Pest Management Solution custom to your budget and pest problems.  Each customer has different needs and there is no one size fits all solution. 

Mosquito Solutions


Mosquito Foggers-

Mosquito Fogging is good for a general large area treatment for areas with lots of landscaping and open grassy spaces. Depending on the vegetation, water, and area, fogging is typically the best broadcast solution.  It is quick affordable and effective at eliminating unwanted Mosquitoes and creating a deterrent for insects.  We recommend fogging treatments at a minimum monthly especially during high mosquito activity months  (April through October)and less depending on the weather in other months. Broad spectrum applications such as mosquito fogging will also rid the area of fleas, ticks, and other harmful pests. We use a broad based insecticide for our fogging treatments and an alternate based on the time of year, severity of mosquito infestation, and topography. Our fogging is pollinator safe are honey bee safe as we do not spray active flowering plants that pollinators are foraging nor do we spray at peak times when foraging occurs. We also have Eco-friendly solutions leveraging natural essential oils that are safe for other insects and offer effective deterrent for mosquitos  preventing them from invading the spaces you want to enjoy (available upon request).


Mosquito Perimeter Treatments –

Perimeter treatments are sprays that cover the base perimeter of your fences and homes thing of it as a castle wall around your house. This treatment prevents insects from entering the home. Long lasting insecticides used for perimeter treatments to control ants and other types of insects. Our perimeter treatments are not termite treatments but are to deter and kill unwanted incidental insects from entering the home. Perimeter treatments are not good for in home infestations. Perimeter treatments are good for crawling type insects such as millipedes and crickets.


Soffit Treatments –

Soffit treatments leverage deterrent dusts that prevent wasps and hornets and other insects that enter the home at the roof line or build nests. They last approximately 2-3 months and are great at controlling flying insects or tree top insects.


Mosquito Misting Systems –

Mosquito misting systems are a great all-around control. Misting systems scheduled prior to events or at a schedule to prevent insect infestations. Misting systems are filled with preventative, deterrent controls leveraging an array of insecticides to protect the perimeter of your home. They are installed to match soffits and fences and last for years. Misting systems are easily controlled and refilled and are a great do it yourself solution for handy home owners or home owners who simply don’t want to see bugs.


Mosquito Granule Treatments-

Granule Treatments are ideal for treatments of aquatic insects or wet areas. Our gradual treatments prevent mosquitoes form going from larval stages to adult. Granular treatments are specifically used to target standing water such as bird baths, french drains, clogged gutters and other standing water wet areas such as water features. Treating these areas prevents mosquitos from using them as incubators and reduces the number of new mosquitos in your spaces. Granule treatments are also ideal for areas that may hold water after a rain or areas that o does not drain. Granular treatments are also used as an effective control for fire ants in your yard and will be applied as part of our IPM strategy. 


Exclusion, Trapping, and Spot Treatments-


*Exclusion work is for larger animals typically seen when a squirrel or rodents chew through siding or external structures. Such animals need to be trapped to be removed and the exterior repaired.  Our custom solutions will not only repair but put in preventative measures to keep animals out in the future. Spot treatments are good for one of infestations such as army worms or large infestations. Specific focus is placed on the insect type and custom solutions can be put together to prevent recurrence and reduce the problem at hand.