Dallas Mosquito Customer Safety Sheet

  • Posted on July 06, 2022
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  • By Kyle Meinert

Safety – Our commitment to Customer and Environment Safety

Dallas Mosquito Customer Safety Sheet

Safety – Our commitment to Safety and the Environment


Your family’s safety is of our top priority.  Our technicians are trained to always practice safe handling of insecticides and wear the appropriate PPE.  We spend hours of training to ensure consideration of the environment and minimize the impact to beneficial insects.  Our goal is to solve the problem caused by the target insect and do no harm to the environment.  We offer many eco friendly and human/pet safe treatments that are organically and naturally based. We love our pollinators and do not seek to harm them in any way!


Safety Tips

Post a mosquito treatment such as fogging or soffit dusting it is recommended to let the area dry for 45 minutes before allowing pets and children in the area. Most of the insecticides used have no Re Entry interval post application meaning it is safe to go in the area.


Notify our technicians if there are aquatic pests such as fish or ponds prior to the treatment of areas.


Remove all standing water that may be found in old flower pots, buckets, tires, to minimize water sources from insects. 


Cut back grass and brush that may provide shelter for mosquitoes and insects.  Mow lawns frequently and plant bug deterrent plants if possible, such as rosemary or other plants with essential oils.


Report any signs of rash or breathing distress immediately to the poison control hotline.  Our office will provide a complete list of insecticides used as well as the receipt of service.

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